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Joshua Tree After Dark

Joshua Tree After Dark

Make it easy:

If your newbie likes to wait for closer parking spots at the mall, keep the trekking mileage low.

Keep it light:

Share a tent with your newbie; otherwise you’ll be carrying two tents. Keep their pack weight low and carry a bigger share of the load.

Pack the good shit:

Don’t be cheap with trail food. At the end of the day, your newbie is going to be sore, sweaty, cold and hungry. A warm, delicious meal goes a long way in alleviating a hard day of suffering.

Share responsibilities:

You’re not a tour guide and the wilderness ain’t disneyland. Part of the joy of backpacking is being completely self-sufficient. Everything you need to survive a night in the wilderness you carry on your back. However, it’s also a big responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly by your newbie. Sharing responsibility not only keeps your newbie engaged but also teaches backcountry skills.