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is a creative union of two distinct voices and visions.  Natalee is a designer and Gonzalo is a weird jack-of-all-trades who share absolutely nothing in common except an intense willingness to try new things.  Our goal is to share our unique perspectives of the places we visit in photo essay format. Along the way we will make mistakes, lose our way, and find happiness while making our best effort to learn something from our travels and share them with you.


Gonzalo is a space oddity purposefully drifting from one interest to the next. Throughout college he worked as a mechanic, hustled as a thrift store book reseller, and obsessed over extreme budgeting ideas and alternative economy schemes.  He has been blessed with the privilege of US citizenship and being just broke enough to qualify for federal aid. After college he committed himself as a lab rat in biomedical engineering, stem cell, cognitive psych, and electroencephalography (EEG) research settings intending to make his parents proud and end his family’s blue collar tradition.

Unfortunately, during this time he also became highly politicized and joined progressive campaigns at the University of California campus where he worked.  Abandoning sciences altogether, he found purpose as a self-proclaimed revolutionary on the front lines of campaigns seeking justice for marginalized student voices within the UC system and as a labor union organizer standing against the highly-exploitative practice of subcontracted labor.

This experience inevitably led him to the center of the universe, New York City, where skyscrapers stand adjacent to project buildings and a battalion of police surveillance vehicles line the space in between. After 7 years of living just at the poverty line as an overworked and underappreciated non-profit drone, he finally decided to cave in to his hedonistic desire to travel the world and learn to do all the amazing things that white people do.  When he’s not struggling to find a way of making his parents proud while not compromising himself or his values, he is lifting heavy weights, climbing rocks, fiddling with his camera, catching waves, backpacking the world and getting lost in the forest.

Most recently he found temporary delight as a restoration ecologist until he realized he was no longer fit to work under the constant microaggressions of white bosses.  The journey continues…


Natalee is a Korean-American adoptee who grew up with her conservative adopted family in East Tennessee. She spent her childhood feeding baby cows on her grandparents’ farm, designing jewelry at her aunt and uncle’s accessories business, and learning construction with her dad.

After finishing her undergrad education in Architecture she moved to New York City where she began to explore her racial and cultural identity for the first time. She spent her first three years at various jobs including waitressing, interning at a body-positive swimwear company, and eventually working at the Korea Society, a non-profit cultural organization, where she immersed herself in her birth culture. She fell in love with museums, history and theory, and began to pursue a career as a curator and cultural programmer. Five years of graduate school later, she realized academia and museum work were not for her. She decided to leave New York with Gonzalo on a journey creating stories through drawings, photos, collage and graphic design

Natalee struggles with writing and is currently exploring photography to tell stories. She is also assembling a portfolio of design work in hopes of finding a job at a graphic design firm or business producing identity design and branding.

She loves climbing at the gym, wandering the isles of H-Mart and Costco, and collecting art supplies from Daiso. She loves collecting plushies and often uses them as subjects in her photography.